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The Netherlands is beautiful! Explore sailing destinations; the picturesque harbor villages and special anchor spots in The Netherlands at Markermeer, IJsselmeer, Waddenzee and Friesland. Ever moored in the center of Amsterdam? Or eat fresh fish on Urk? Discover the new Marker Wadden! The ancient harbor of Hoorn is superb! 

Ports of Departure and Arrival

Standard departure and arrival harbor is our home port in Lelystad. Other locations can be booked on request (each with surcharge of €60). Of course during the sailing cruise we also visit other villages and harbors. If needed, many harbors can be reached by train. 


Taking into account the weather, wind and travel distances, together with the skipper you set the ideal course for a combination of sailing and beautiful destinations. If you already have certain route requirements, we are happy to hear them. Otherwise we choose the ideal route on the day itself together.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for your customized sailing trip!

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